13 Tips to Increase Email Survey Invitations Response Rates

An attractive email subject and survey invitation message will increase the number of recipients that complete your survey. Based on information our clients have shared with us, in this brief article we intend to provide useful recommendations on how to design email survey invitations in such a way that will attract more recipients to complete your questionnaire.

It is no coincidence that all the features you need to put these recommendations into practice are part of Mineful's online survey software and analysis package.

1. Test email subject, incentives, and messages

AB testing is the easiest and most productive ways to find out which subject or combination of subject and incentives best entices recipients to open the survey email. You can send different email subjects, incentives, messages, survey length, etc. and find out which one receives the highest completion rate.

How to improve open rate of your survey invitation?

2. Make your From Name recognizable. Mineful uses the company name as the From name on the email. The email to reply to can be manually changed on the 'Create Message' page, this way you can write a reply to email like admin@surveysoftware.com.

3. Avoid words that trigger spam filters. Words like "free" and "save money" can automatically send emails to the "junk" folder. For a complete list search "words that trigger spam filters" to see hundreds of list people have put together.

4. Make subject lines short and direct to the point. The subject line is usually your ticket to opening or ignoring an email. Write a short subject line, but do mention the benefits of completing the survey.

5. Send reminders. On average, sending reminders can increase response rate 2%. Do not send more than 3 reminders and send these every 3 to 5 days.

6. Increase readability of your message. Format the text using bullet points, use various short paragraphs, and make the first sentence relevant.

7. Test your invitation. When creating an email message, Mineful's online survey software has a "Test" button that allows you to send an invitation to the email you write on the "From" box so you can see how it looks like before sending to your list.

How to increase the click rate on your survey link?

8. Include personal information. Include the recipient's name and last name on the subject and/or message for a more personalized message.

9. Mention the purpose of the survey. For example, "Mineful invites you to participate in a brief survey about your recent experience with customer service."

10. Indicate how long the survey will take. Time yourself and colleagues and give them an interval on how long the survey will take; "between 8-10 minutes" or "less than 10 minutes".

11. Provide full disclosure on the incentive you offer. This means when, how, and what will they receive. Set a deadline to complete the survey. For example, "Complete this survey by November 18th and you will be entered into a drawing to receive a $125 gift certificate you can use at giftcertificates.com."

12. Sign the invitation and provide a link to your website.
"We appreciate your input and look forward to serving you better in the near future.


The Mineful Survey Software Team

13. Assure confidentiality of responses. Researchers can assure e-mail survey respondents of confidentiality by informing them that their e-mail addresses will not be recorded with their survey responses and that the online survey data will be considered only in the aggregate.

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