Getting Started with Mineful

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Mineful is a web-based market research and survey software that was created to collect and study the market's information. This online solution is very flexible when it comes to presenting all the figures and numbers you need to know about your company and your targeted market. In addition to this, you will have the chance to share the processed data with other fellow professionals.

Getting Started
Create a FREE account and start using Mineful. This free account will not expire. Use Mineful anytime from anywhere. Once you see everything you can do with Mineful, but need to take advantage of more advanced features Mineful has to offer, you can Upgrade at any time. Once you are done using Mineful, you can downgrade to a free account at anytime and you will not lose your data.

Once you have created an account, you can login from our homepage or through our Portal Login. Mineful Market Research Software works like a desktop. Each application can be reached by clicking on the icon or by going through the Start menu.

Questions? Contact Mineful Support, we'll be glad to help you get started.

Introduction to Online Surveys

  • Create a new survey by clicking on at the top left of the menu.
  • Create from Scratch (blank survey) or from a previously created survey
  • Add your first question from a list of more that 15 survey question types
  • Enter the information needed, choose from various question specific options and save
  • Add pages or questions as needed
  • Choose from many Options on the menu like: including a progress bar, removing question numbers, and many more...
  • Preview your survey
  • Send your survey via a link, an email list, or paste code on your site
  • Done!

Introduction to Online Forms

  • Create a new form by clicking on at the top left of the menu.
  • Give it a name, category, and description.
  • Drag and drop data fields from the Toolbar on the right
  • You can fill out the form right there (internally) or create a link and/or put code on your site so visitors can fill out your form.
  • Choose from many Options like: changing the Thank You page message, adding your logo, and many more.
  • Done!
Introduction to the Data View
Mineful's data views allows you to browse and view data submissions online. Click on the "Views" icon on the Desktop, select the survey or form for which you want to view the data, and browse away.
  • View data for either surveys or forms
  • Browse data in table form or record by record
  • Sort survey data
  • Edit form data
  • Download data as a CSV file to use with Microsoft Excel or Access

Introduction to the Analysis Sandbox

  • Access the Analysis Sandbox from the Desktop or from the Start menu Workspaces Analysis Sandbox
  • Choose whether you are analyzing an online survey or a online form
  • Choose from over 12 different analysis to gain insights on your data
  • Your output is an easy to understand chart that you can customize to your preference


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