Sending Online Surveys and Web Forms

Mineful's online survey software and online forms creator allows you to send your surveys in 3 different ways. In this post we will show how easy it is to send your online surveys and how powerful each of these methods are.

Creating a Web Link

You can create a link to your online survey or form. Use this link on your web page, emails, and blogs. For example, you can access our Survey on Survey Software here.
To create a link to your survey, go to Publish and Add a New Web Link.

Simply copy the URL given and use it on your site. Use the URL for text or image links.

You can create multiple links and keep track of respondents to each different link that you create.

Both the online surveys and web forms can be published via a link.

Creating Source Code

Creating source code allows you to copy one line of code and put it as part of your webpage. Creat a source code on the Publish page, copy the code, and place it on your website. Your online surveys and web forms will look as part of your page (even though it makes a request to Mineful servers).

See our Survey Examples or Online Form Examples to view how we created surveys with an html page.

The code generated is an iframe that can be modified to your needs. Here are some adjustments to the default code you can do:
Width and HeightBy default, width and height are set to 100% and will occupy as much space as the region where it copies permits. You can change these values on your website to fit a specific width and height in pixels (e.g. 600x600).
Allow TransparencySets or retrieves whether the object can be transparent. When the property is set to false, the backgroundColor property of the object can only be that of the window. When the property is set to true, the background Color property of the object can be set to any value, including the default value of transparent.
MarginsSet margin values in the marginwidth and marginheight attributes.
SpaceHorizontal and vertical space can be modified in the hspace and vspace attributes.
Scroll BarThe scrolling attribute allows scrollbars inside the survey. For surveys with long pages, it is recommended to change the scrolling attribute to "yes".

Sending Surveys with Email Lists

You can send email survey invitations to your email list using a simple email list management tool. Track who responds to your survey, and send follow-up reminders to the slackers.

Upload a CSV file or type in your list emails, names, etc., create an email message and send to respondents. Create various lists and test which subjects and email messages get more clicks and survey completions.

Steps to create a survey email list:

  1. Click on to create an email list.
  2. Enter a name for your email list.
  3. Copy and paste your addresses.Enter each email address on a separate line. If you want to add a name to the address follow this guide line. Sample :,first name,last name.
  4. Create.
  5. Click on to create a message and send the survey.
  6. Enter a subject. You can include tags to use data you uploaded, for example, you can write {first_name}, a survey for you. This would translate into the person's name that you uploaded and its message, e.g. James, a survey for you.
  7. Enter your survey message. Make sure to include the {survey_link}. This tag creates a unique link to your survey for each respondent. This allows you to track who responded and completed your survey.
  8. Reply to: enter the Reply to address that your respondents can use to respond to your email.
  9. Send to: either All Recipients, New Recipients, Recipients that HAVE responded, or Recipients that HAVE NOT responded (send reminders).
  10. Test the message. A test message is sent to the Reply to address.
  11. Send!


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