Sending Email Surveys and Tracking Respondents

Sending Surveys via emailWith Mineful's survey tool, you can create a survey respondent email list, send personalized messages, track respondents, and send survey reminders. Our software provides a superior Email List Management tool to send surveys by email. Upload a file with emails/names, create a personalized message, and send the survey. Doesn't that sound easy? Send surveys in 6 easy steps.

VIDEO: Sending Surveys and Forms

Steps to sending a survey by email:

1. Access the Email Management Tool
Click on the Publish link from the survey list or at the top of the Survey Editor page.

2. Create an Email List
Click on the Create Mailing List if this is the first email list you create. If you have already created an email list you can delete respondents, edit their information, or add respondents. You can create as many email lists as you like and track response rates from each. Simply click on Add a Mailing List link at the top right hand side of the survey emails list to add a new list.

Give the Email List a name you can recognize and upload respondents. Currently, we only support uploads in CSV format. The data should be in the following format: email, first_name, last_name. For example, if I was uploading two contacts it would look like this:

james @, James, Smith
joe @, Joe, Johnson

Hit Create!

3. Verify Invalid Addresses
Mineful automatically searches every email to ensure proper email addresses are written. If there are any invalid email addressses, they would be removed from the list and showed to you in a box on the right hand side of your list. Verify these addresses and either add them again to the list or hit create and create your email list without these invalid customer email addresses.

4. Create a Message
Click the envelope icon ("Send a new email survey message") to access the Message editor.
Have you ever received an email that says Hello James (your name)? This means that the sender had not only your email, but also your first name. This is common when you have subscribed for a newsletter or for special offers from a specific company.

You can use the {first_name}, {last_name}, and {survey_link} tags to include the survey respondent's first name, last name, and unique survey URL in the email body message. A short simple example would be:
Subject: {first_name}, this survey will take 2 minutes
Hello {first_name} {last_name},

Please take 2 minutes to provide us valuable feedback on your last purchase.
Access the survey here: {survey_link}

Thank you,

The Mineful Survey Team

5. Sending a Survey Email Message
Your email subject and message are crucial in increasing open and response rates. Please see our article 13 Tips to Increase Email Survey Invitations Response Rates for recommendations on how to design effective survey email invitations.

Select to send message to:

  • All Respondents on the List,
  • Unsent/New Recipients,
  • Survey recipients that have not responded (to send them reminders),
  • Survey recipients that HAVE responded (to thank them for their feedback).

6. Tracking Messages Sent and Response Rates
In the same page where you access the email list, you will find the statistics necessary to track responses. You will see the number of emails sent, the number of respondents, response rates, and which individuals responded to your survey email invitation.


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