8 On/Off Survey Options in Mineful's Online Survey Software

This brief article touches on the 8 different switch on/off options available when creating surveys using the Mineful's online survey software. If you are currently a user of Mineful's survey software, you can benefit by learning all available options to you. If you are considering Mineful as your survey software provider, you can learn all available options to create and publish online surveys.

Online Survey Software "Switch On/Off" Options When Creating Surveys
After you have created a survey, you can access the survey options by clicking the Options menu button Survey Options at the top of the page.

  • Create Page Progress Bar - Turn on this survey option to allow respondents to see the percentage of questions they have responded on the survey.
  • Display Question Numbers - By default, your survey includes the question number on the question text. Switch of this option to make the question numbers disappear.
  • Display Borders - Do you want your survey questions surrounded by boxes? Turn this option off to make the borders around each question disappear.
  • Allow only one submission per user - This option can be turned on to allow only one survey submission for each recognized cookie. We also call this the Duplicate Entry Protection when online surveys are published via links.
  • Allow user to exit Survey - Turn this option on to display a link on the top right of the survey respondents' page that would close the browser window and exit the survey.
  • Disable back button - This option disappears the back button link so users cannot go back to a page and edit their responses.
  • Notify me of new entries - For every new entry to your online survey, you will receive an email to the address provided in the account with each new individual response.
  • Share with Company (Business Account) - Share your survey with all users of your company. Alternatively, you can select each individual user by clicking the "Share with individual users" option and selecting which users to share the creation, publishing, and viewing of results with.


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