Dashboards Put Marketers in the Driver's Seat

Market research reports and customer satisfaction surveys provide truckloads of valuable data. The challenge for marketers is to make sense of it all and present their analysis in a clear, useful way. Dashboard reports help marketers meet this challenge. They provide simplified data analysis that allows decision makers to see at a glance what’s working and what needs to be changed.

Dashboards Display Key Indicators
The dashboard in a car allows the driver to see at a glance key indicators such as speed, RPMs, and engine temperature. The dashboard in a management information system works the same way. Any organization collects an enormous amount of data. The problem is that all this valuable information is not easily available to the people who need to use it — the people in the driver’s seat.

Dashboard reports provide key indicators that show how well an organization is functioning. Specialized dashboards have been developed for all sorts of business operations, everything from sales to security. They are especially useful for data-intensive operations such as survey analysis and market research.

Here's how they work. Programmers use efficient software tools, such as those developed by Mineful, to create customized displays of data gathered from customer satisfaction surveys or market research reports. These displays might include bar graphs, pie charts, or other visual representations that are easy to interpret. Different displays can be created for different types of users. For example, high-level executives might see a summary of customer satisfaction data for different parts of the business, while product managers might see results just for their own operations.

Key Features
Dashboards are showing up on more and more desktops because they offer a number of valuable features. For example:

  • They provide a variety of visualization options, including bar charts, line graphs, scatterplots, and maps.
  • They can be used to display common business patterns, such as trends, rank, and correlation.

  • They can call attention to anomalies such as subpar performance.

  • They can give users the option to drill down to reports and analysis for additional information.

  • They can aggregate data from different sources into a single view.

Marketers are using dashboards to display data on ROI, sales, market research, and customer satisfaction. Dashboards give marketers the tools they need to analyze information and make more informed decisions.

Marketing Dashboards from Mineful
Mineful, a leader in online survey software, helps clients create, save, and share dashboards across an organization, giving decision makers easy access to the valuable information gathered from customer surveys and market research. Users do not need a background in statistics or survey techniques to take advantage of these tools. They just need to interpret simple charts and graphs.

Mineful’s clients are currently using dashboards to create a clear picture of changes and trends in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Mineful dashboards provide clients with real-time insight on how customers perceive the quality of their products and services. They show marketers how well their programs are working, where they need to make changes, and whether the changes they make actually lead to better results. Mineful’s dashboards put marketers in the driver’s seat.


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