Retailers Increase Loyalty by Finding Out What their Best Customers Want

In an ideal world, retailers would like to use surveys to gain a better understanding of satisfaction and preferences for different types of customers — for example, plus-size women, do-it-yourselfers, or fitness enthusiasts. Mineful has engineered a fast, low cost solution to this problem. Mineful enables retailers to integrate survey data with information about customers including purchasing patterns, demographics, market segments, and location. The result is a clearer picture of different market segments.

Here's an example of how a retailer might use this information. Suppose a retailer wanted to know if the sales staff in some departments or stores needed additional training. A customer satisfaction survey might ask questions such as:
  • Did your salesperson seem knowledgeable?
  • Did your salesperson help you select a product?
  • Was your salesperson able to answer your questions?
Mineful allows the responses to these questions to be easily integrated with data about what customers purchased. Then the retailer can see which departments need more highly trained staff. The retailer could also determine which types of customers need the most assistance.
Survey data integration can also help a retailer see how customer satisfaction differs by market segment. For example, a survey might ask:
  • Did you feel you had a broad enough range of products to choose from?
  • Were you satisfied with the overall quality of the product selection?
  • Were products displayed in a way that made shopping easy?
When responses to these questions are integrated with sales data, it will be easy for a retailer to see which markets are being served adequately and which departments need to redesign their product displays. Other survey questions might help a retailer identify which segments of their customers are more concerned with quality than price, and vice versa.

If a retailer attempted to ask for this information as part of a survey, it would create two problems. First, respondents might not be able to provide accurate information about such things as how often they shop or how much they typically spend. Second, asking for such information would make the survey considerably longer, and the longer the survey, the less likely it is that people will complete it.

Once a survey is completed, Mineful makes it easy to display the results. Users can create charts and graphs with just a few clicks. They can choose to display results using survey dashboards. Dashboards are visual displays of data that are easy to interpret. They can be adapted for different users to make them even more effective. For example, regional sales managers might see customer satisfaction charts for several stores, store managers might see charts for their own stores, and department managers might see charts for their own departments.

This approach to sharing survey results can help employees at all levels stay focused on the customer’s satisfaction, wants, and needs.


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