We're hiring!

It's time to take Mineful to the next level! We are looking for a talented software engineer to join our team in Downtown Chicago. Join Mineful from the early stages and leave a mark in the product. Your contributions will not go unnoticed.

You can apply here: http://bit.ly/4xEUJ7

Here are the details:

A start-up marketing analysis software company located in downtown Chicago is looking for a highly motivated engineer. The entrepreneurial engineer should be willing to give up the big bucks in the short term for a stake in the company in order to reap the benefits in the long term. Ideal candidates will have the experience and skills in the full range of user friendly, scalable front-end systems to back-end technologies that will scale to millions of transactions per day. Your contributions will directly impact performance, customer experience, and the growth of our business.

Requirements and Technologies:

  • 2+ years java application development preferably in a fast-paced and dynamic environment
  • Ability to manage all aspects of the software development lifecycle
  • Experience with Java, Hibernate, Spring, Web Services (RESTful)
  • Working knowledge of a web framework
    - We use JSF and SEAM, but experience with other frameworks is OK
  • Expert Javascript/HTML/CSS/Ajax coding skills
  • Experience with relational databases like MySQL
  • Strong command of web standards, CSS-based design, cross-browser compatibility
  • Good understanding of web technologies (HTTP, Apache) and familiarity with Unix/Linux
  • Ability to work in the UI layer as well as the backend
  • Excellent communications and analytical skills
  • Self-motivation and the ability to work under minimal supervision are a must
  • Demonstrated ability to leverage open source tools to increase productivity
  • BS in computer science, engineering, or related field
  • Master of the AJAX toolkits.
    - If you know Dojo, ExtJS, Scriptacoulus you rock!
  • JUnit, TestNG, or any other testing frameworks
  • Ability to Learn and go outside the box to find a solution

What will set you apart:

  • Working knowledge of OO analysis and design
- You can create and read UML diagrams
  • Knowledge of SEAM (JSF), EJB3, JPA.
  • Working with R, S, or SAS
  • Knowledge of Flex or OpenLazlo
  • Knowledge of artificial intelligence principles and business rules engines
  • Knowledge of statistical and mathematical principles

Culturally we believe in:

  • Evidence based thinking: gathering data to make decisions
  • Team based collaboration: bringing diverse ideas to shared problems
  • Emphasis on delivery: ownership, execution and follow-through
  • Self-starter: take initiative, drive consensus
  • Think creatively: There is always a way to get there
  • Take pride in your work
  • We work hard, but we have fun and flexible with work hours.

What we offer:

  • This is a full-time position
  • Annual salary between 30 - 40K (If you are looking for the big salary from day 1, then we are not for you.)
  • Health, dental, and life insurance
  • Paid vacation
  • Equity in the company

If interested, send us your resume and cover letter.


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