Apple iPad: Industry changer or another overpriced Apple fanboy product?

Mac Users Like It, Of Course
According to our non-scientific survey of 48 respondents, those who consider themselves to be a "Mac" are more likely to purchase the iPad than those respondents who consider themselves a "PC". Mac users have the highest interest level in an iPad, followed by those who consider themselves neither a Mac or a PC. Mac users are significantly more interested than PC users at nearly twice the interest level.

39% of respondents indicated they were both a Mac and interested in buying an iPad this year. Only 14.7% of respondents were both a PC and plan on buying an iPad during this year. A total of 27.1% of total respondents indicated they would wait at least one year before deciding whether or not to purchase an iPad. 10.4% said they would never buy an iPad (all indicated they were a PC).

iPad 64GB Wi-Fi +3G is the way to go
The most popular configuration was the 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G iPad, followed by the two 16GB versions (both with and without 3G). Buyers are most interested in having 3G internet as indicated by the popularity of those models. People also indicating that "being able to connect to the internet anywhere" was the most important feature, narrowly edging ease of use and having all your entertainment options in one place.

It's Personal
The most popular reason for using an iPad? 91% said they would use an iPad for personal use (personal emails, calender, and web). Mac and PC users have similar views on the uses for an iPad except that Mac users are more likely to use an iPad as a music device than as an e-reader, while PC users would prefer to read on an iPad than listen to music. The 64GB 3G version was equally popular among all the choices due to its higher capabilities, while the bare bones 16GB with no 3G would be most popularly used for personal use followed by music and reading.

We Will Pay $829 to Surf the Web, in Cool Fashion
With all the excitement over the iPad and all it's capabilities, are consumers really ready to spend $829 to send emails and browse the web? According to our results, yes. Consumers are ready to invest money into putting life's simple pleasures and every day tasks into one device.

For the price of an iPad you can buy any one of the devices the iPad straddles the line between (laptop, smart phone, media player, e-reader, netbook), but not all of them. Even those who currently own most of these devices indicated they would still like to purchase an iPad. It should be noted, however, that 60% of respondents reported household income over $75K and 44% had over $100K, which may indicate more discretionary income to spend on items like the iPad.

PC Users Are Not Buying
So what is the biggest deterrent to purchasing an iPad? Apparently being a PC owner. While there is some enthusiasm, most PC owners are taking a wait and see approach to the iPad. Does this mean that Apple has introduced another niche product that it's loyal fan base will eat up, but most others won't? Or is this the next iPod or iPhone, a product that will take charge of the market and change the way we email/web browse/consume media? Patriots or Pinheads? You decide.


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