Survey Examples: Brand Awareness Survey

While there are a large number of studies that can be covered in the market research area and each survey will almost always have some unique survey specific questions, there are some areas of information that are common to brand awareness surveys.

The following matrix of information areas allows you to calculate the awareness, penetration, trial ratio and repeat ratio. These parameters can help in assessing the success of a new product launch.

Brand Awareness Survey
  • Brand awareness in terms of top of mind, spontaneous and aided recall
  • Claimed ad awareness for the brands
  • Usage details – current usage, past 3 months, lapsed usage, repeat purchase
  • Purchase details – when bought, quantity purchased, store bought from and the like
  • Performance of product on specific attributes among users
  • Diagnostic evaluation among users
  • Reasons for non usage among those who are aware but have not tried the product
See our Brand Awareness Survey example.


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