Survey Examples: Customer Satisfaction Survey

In a customer satisfaction survey, typically the overall questions are used to arrive at a customer satisfaction index so that a single number can be used to compare products, stores, brands, or companies. If previous experience is lacking, one may need to arrive at the specific parameters of evaluation after conducting a small qualitative research with experts and customers in the industry. For example, broad areas covered in an employee satisfaction survey include compensation, work environment, policies, relationship with superior, estimate of future growth and the like.

A customer satisfaction survey may include aspects like responsiveness, attendant behavior and demeanor, performance, billing and more. A box plot of claimed importance and derived importance (calculated by regressing the performance of specific attributes with overall satisfaction) along with the performance on each attribute can actually tell you the whole story.

Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Overall satisfaction based on a typical 5 point scale
  • Likelihood to recommend on a typical 5 point scale
  • Likelihood of repeat purchase on a typical 5 point scale
  • Assessment of competitive advantage
  • Claimed importance of various parameters on a scale
  • Assessment of performance for client brand/company and competition for the same set of attributes used in the importance question above
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