Survey Examples: New Concept Evaluation Survey

Before launching a new concept or product, marketing professionals first test it with a selected audience. A new product survey provides a way for marketers to understand when to start, modify existing ideas, how and who to market. Evaluating new products with online questionnaires provides a cost-effective way to obtain valuable information from the the people who matter most, the customer.

Businesses can take advantage of knowledge gain from online marketing surveys such as the new product survey to:
  • Understand which benefits are most important to customers
  • Which features are essential in delivering the product's promise
  • Identify customer's needs
  • Measure advertising and placement factors
  • Understand how incentives, warranties, and bundling change price and value perceptions

If the concept being tested is for a new product, most of the responses are expected to be based on a perception of the product after reading. There are various theories on whether or not to reveal the company and the brand when exposing a concept or not.

New Concept Evaluation Survey

  • Overall likeability
  • Intention to purchase product after reading concept details
  • Intention to recommend
  • Credibility
  • Uniqueness
  • Perceived quality based on concept
  • Key message recall
  • Perceived benefits of the product or service
In all the studies mentioned above, capturing relevant demographic data is critical. Keeping a track of all the information areas that need to be covered in a survey can get extremely tough. To make sure that you do not falter and lose precious time and money in re-fielding a survey, check out this New Concept Evaluation Survey example from Mineful.


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