Survey Examples: Product Evaluation Survey

Typically current brand ratings in a product evaluation survey are captured before the product is placed for usage. This is true especially if it is a new product or a modified version that is slated to be introduced in the market. The diagnostic ratings can help in tweaking some of the elements of the offering. Key survey questions to have in a product evaluation survey that will bring insight and actionable information to better the product, offering, messaging, and features include:

Product Evaluation Survey - Questions/Topics to Have
  • Current brand/product usage details
  • Overall evaluation of current brand
  • Overall performance rating
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Likelihood to recommend
  • Likelihood to use again
  • Purchase intention without a price
  • Reasons for the same
  • Performance rating on specific product attributes
  • Diagnostic rating for specific attributes (too sweet, just right, too salty)
  • Comparison with current brand
  • Purchase intention at a price
  • Open ended questions to understand specific likes and dislikes
See our Product Evaluation Survey example template from our survey library.


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