Mineful 4.0: A Simpler Approach to Data Analysis

On April 3rd Mineful will release version 4.0 which will advance the tool from survey software to marketing intelligence software. This is an exciting step for all of us at Mineful and for everyone who knows the troubles marketing intelligence can present.

No longer will marketing executives have to hire an analyst or spend hours poring over numbers to understand the details of their marketing plans that are buried in the data. Our new version will demystify the value of marketing analytics and data for organizations across the world.

Most people today realize the value of information. It's online, on our phones, in the papers and in our work. We are dealing with information on a daily basis that can take massive amounts of time to consume, digest, and put to actual use. With Mineful, organizations have an easier way to find the value in their data. No more slicing and dicing numbers to find out what they mean. No more complex equations and formulas to perform analyses. Now all you have to do is log into your Mineful account and you'll have the answers you want in a flash. Marketing intelligence has never been this easy or accessible. You'll have more time to manage business accounts, work on sales, and develop marketing plans... or play Scrabble on your iPhone.

The common belief in marketing is that data analytics and marketing intelligence require large data warehouses and training in analytics tools to find actionable results. Mineful is able to deliver the same analyses with greater ease. You can retrieve new data or upload current data within the same system and analyze it by simply typing what you want to know in the search bar. It's that easy. For example: A Marketing Manager asks, “How effective are my advertisements by market segment?” Mineful will collect data about customers, impressions, retention, and sales and give the results about reach, conversions, and return on investment for each segment. These key performance indicators will determine how effective an ad campaign is. All he had to do was ask the question and Mineful did the rest.

Try our free version let us know your opinion.


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