Apple iPad - Has it delivered what it promised?

Apple iPad hit the one million mark within the first 28 days of its launch. The product also boasts of 12 million applications downloaded along with a million and a half digital books. Apple founder and CEO states that the ‘demand continues to exceed supply’ and that there is a wait time of 5 to 7 days before deliveries can be made.

While competitors like Windows HP Slate and other tablet manufacturers trying to crack the market for some time now, it is believed that the sale of a million iPads in such a short period of time has confirmed that the tablet is here to stay.

After launch the first thing that some of the initial buyers noticed was the weight. At around 680 grams, this tablet can best be used while sitting since the weight of the tablet is likely to weight you down after a while.

Some of the users who use the iPad for film viewing have noticed that the iPad is not the widescreen 16:9 format and the 4:3 screen leaves black strips at the top and bottom while viewing HDTV shows and flicks, something that the movie fans are not so happy about.

On the other hand, Apple has left no stone unturned to ensure that the picture quality is unparalleled. The screen measures about 25cm diagonally and has a pixel resolution of 1024 x 768 and 132 pixels per inch. Jacqui Cheng from Ars Technica states that ‘the iPad is not a big iPod’ and it offers a much better multi-touch experience. The touch screen is sensitive and reacts quickly as does the virtual keyboard that is easy to use.

No user is complaining that the battery cannot be changed at home and requires the assistance of a technician because the battery life of the iPad is otherwise a staggering 10 hours. The acid tests performed by Acid3, returned a perfect 100 for the iPad in terms of Internet speed. In this context the device delivers what it has promised – quick, easy, complete and anywhere Internet machine.

The one thing that users can see as missing is the compatibility with Flash. This is an omission that Apple stands by since Flash is known to have security issues. You may also find that the iBookstore is still not as populated as the Kindle store is and that the missing facebook application may be a sore point for many.

Today the Apple iPad may be seen as a complete mobile entertainment device. However Apple sees the tablet as much more and therefore the iTunes App Store also offers the iWorks office suite that contains applications for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. The gadget does not allow multitasking very easily and therefore, experts like Engadget Editor-in-Chief Joshua Topolsky feel that the device is far from replacing the laptop or even the netbook ‘as yet’.

Susan Kevorkian, analyst at technology research firm IDC, feels that there are ‘glitches to be worked out’ even with regards to the streaming video in the 3G versions. Not to mention that there is no camera or iChat capability or HDMI port.

While the Apple iPad seems to be here to stay, some early adopters are finding that many websites are not yet iPad ready and therefore may see gaping holes in the pages that get displayed. So it is not time yet to throw away your laptop or netbook and start planning your travel, booking your tickets and more on the iPad as yet. On the other hand it may serve you well if you want to download games when you are bored, entertain you when you want to catch up on the latest flick or listen to some groovy music while working.


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