Mineful jumping on the Blackhawks bandwagon

Average Attendance Jumps 40% in Two Years
As a Chicago analytics startup, we keep track of all our sports teams and their stats. We love stats of all kinds: sports, business, politics, and finance.

Sports fans that truly care about a game know stat leaders, game stats, and all kinds of stat anomalies.

Since we started Mineful, there hasn't been a stat indicating that any team in town might have a chance to reach past the semifinals. Except for last year, the Chicago Blackhawks were ranked 1st and in many sport betting sites favorites to win, but they didn't.

Yesterday, it finally happened. The Chicago Blackhawks are chi-town's champs. Yes, we'll admit we are not really avid hockey fans, but it sure feels good to root for the home team. Are we a disgrace for not cheering for them in 2005 when the seats were populated by flies? Maybe, but we are not alone. Average attendance has jumped more than 40% in two years. Three years ago, the Blackhawks were ranked next to last in attendance. In 2009 and 2010, they were ranked number 1.

This weekend, everyone is a Blackhawks fan. Who has been a fan since 2005? Who cares, lets celebrate.


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